Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nurses Talk  -  South Korean entertainment has plenty of best new Drama series. It's been a while that we have not seen new drama about kings, princes and princesses. Now MBC is giving us a new romantic drama about the modern day constitutional monarchy. The story is about a handsome crown prince who has no time for politics and has plenty of time for fun.  Because of his hard to control lifestyle his life is deep trouble.  The more he lives  like an ordinary guy, the more he becomes an easy target to North Korean Spies.  North Korea sent a special force agent to spy on him.  The more the agent finds way to get close to him, the more the Prince attracted to her.  This is a must see Korean Drama , King 2hearts!  Here are some of the best wallpapers of King 2hearts.

Lee Seung Ki as Lee Jae Ha
Ha Ji Won as Kim Hyang Ah
Jo Jung Suk as Eun Si Kyung
Lee Yoon Ji as Lee Jae Shin
Yoon Je Moon as Kim Bong Goo

Wallpapers and Photos courtesy of MBC