Friday, April 20, 2012

Nurses Talk - Akatsuki is the criminal group in Naruto Shippuden series.  In all top villains in the series the Akatsuki is considered as the most famous.  Many kids who joined cosplay contest preferred the Akatsuki characters, because they are not just cool but they have different personalities and skills, making them unpredictable and hard to defeat.  One thing that makes them different from other Naruto enemies, the Akatsukis are mysterious.  They become the talk of every kid in Naruto Shippuden series, besides Naruto and the main characters of the series  the Akatsuki creates their own fan club.
The Akatsuki is composed of no more than ten primary members. There is no known criterion required for joining their organization, though all known members have severed all ties with the village they grew up in and are S-class criminals, the most wanted and dangerous individuals in the series.

The Akatsuki top Wallpapers