Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nurses Talk - Here is a shitty blog on how to end up a good relationship, but i suggest do not do it if you do not have the balls. And you still have the great feelings better not to it. But what about you are almost dead in feelings and believe on nothing anymore. Here is how:
  • First step: You better see you girlfriend or boyfriend in person, and tell your partner about you are breaking up with her or him for real. Doing this is appropriate, than expressing your decision on the phone or text messages, that would surely hurt the person more. 
  • Second Step: You better be strong when you think the relationship is already shaky.  Expect that worst scenarios could possibly come and you better have strength to face it. Plan a few points to cover so that your girlfriend or boyfriend understands everything you are trying to communicate.  It is also effective to take notes if you think it will add assistance to remember, but never read the notes during the actual break up.
  • Third Step: When you do say the words of breaking him or her make it sure in a private place so that your partner is free to cry or let go their emotions. Having a quite place is effective it will give a chance for your partner to express her or his anger without embarrassment. A break up is a hard thing even when both parties want it. There's no reason to make it harder by ending the relationship in a public place.
  • Fourth Step: Better that you keep communicating on everything to your partner regarding the reasons of breaking up, your  partner has the full rights to know.  Stay away from cliches that don't help the process. It is appropriate and healthy to tell the truth out of respect to your soon to be ex-girlfriend. This will help her learn from the relationship and to move on from it.
  • Fifth Step : You better answer all questions your partner will ask from you, this is will give her understanding, which then would give her acceptance. If there aren't particularly hard feelings, you both might want to set up rules about a future friendship. If there are hard feelings,better settle things out, because if not unsettled feelings can cause trouble in your future relationships. Any items left at each other's homes should be accounted for as well as any items owned jointly.
When we are into great relationship breaking up is a stupid idea.  When you think that breaking up is only solution then before doing it, try to evaluate everything first if it is really worth.  Because it is very very sad to think of hurting someone and ourselves too.  Better we seek for positive things before giving up.