Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nurses Talk - If you are looking for romantic movies that really warms your heart -- go for Korean Romantic Movies!  Koreans knows how to touch every viewer with their stories and soundtracks there are a handful of titles to mention that i guarantee will make you cry and laugh to every scene from it.  So if you want to relax for a while and want to feel a romantic night alone then watch these Korean Movies that I will be discussing for you.

5. Lover's Concerto - This is one of the amazing all time favorites a must see romantic comedy Korean Movie. You will enjoy the soundtrack and the catchy romantic scenes that will touch your heart.

4. 200 Pound Beauty - If you are music lover and loves romantic films I want you to try this movie.  This is a story of a obese singer who only performs behind the stage, while somebody is performing her songs for everyone to see.  It is a must see romantic comedy full of great music and romance.

3. A Moment to Remember - This is a love story between two people having a wonderful married life which then marred by Alzheimer's disease. The couple remains committed. Finally, the wife forgets all her memories and the husband visits her in the hospital hiding his tears behind glasses. So touching movie a must see.

2. Windstruck  - I put this Korean Movie as number two, because once you watch this you can't stop thinking about it, but to watch it again.  It is a story of two wonderful lovers who have discovered love and happiness together, but then shattered by the sudden death of her lover.  A movie that will teach you how to stand when you are hit by the pain of losing someone dearest to you. 

1. My Sassy Girl (Korean Movie) - This was considered as the number 1 Korean Movie in 2001,but until now many viewers can't stop thinking and talking about this film. The story match the characters of the Movie and the story is mixed with comedy, drama and romance.  It is the story of a lady who acts so bitter to the new friend she just met, making him as the cover-up to her grief and pain that she felt due to the death of his boyfriend.  Watching this film will surely make you happy and from time to time makes you emotional.  Many would say nothing can be compared to this Korean Movie, the Hollywood version of this film last 2008 did not able to bring the same taste as the Korean version whom viewers expected a lot, so I would say the American version sucks.

Best Korean Romantic Movies
  • My Girl and I
  • Millionaire's First Love
  • Now and Forever
  • Lovely
  • Lovely Rivals
  • Almost Love
  • Rules of Dating
  • Lover
  • Everybody Has Secrets
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • The Classic
  • 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • The Perfect Couple