Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nursing Stories - Thyroid Cancer is something that the World is battling about in finding ways to stop the increasing number of cases.  In the US alone there are about 37,000 new cases of this cancer each year.  The National Cancer Institute is making ways to halt it's growing number of patients by giving awareness to many women in the US who are the best target of this Cancer.  Females are more likely to have thyroid cancer at a ratio of three to one.  Thyroid cancer  has no restriction to age it could  happen to any age range, but most often it occurs on those who in their 30s.  Well, hence that symptoms of Thyroid Cancer would not easily appear to the patient, most women with the present of Thyroid nodules would come late on stopping the spread of Cancer.  Remember, over 99% of thyroid nodules are not cancer. But when thyroid cancer does begin to grow within the thyroid gland, it almost always does so within a discrete nodule within the thyroid.

So what are the symptoms of Thyroid Cancer:
  • Hoarseness
  • Neck pain
  • Enlarged lymph nodes do occur in people with thyroid cancer ( Better let the experts check it)

Thyroid Cancer Type and Incidence
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