Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nursing Talk - Many Nursing Graduates in the Philippines who are about to take the Local Nursing Board Exam are eager to visit the Miraculous Virgin de Simala in Simala, Sibongga Cebu, Philippines.  It is now a tradition to many Local Board Exam takers to go there as pilgrims, they will pray that the Holy Virgin Mary would give them wisdom to pass the exam, some would spend nights and donate anything precious to them.  Filipino Nursing Graduates exert all efforts religiously when preparing for Board Exams, believing that miracles can happen during exams.  And what is funny by the time they become Nurses only few of them would stick with their faith and their Christian responsibility, while the majority can be found in many clubs.    So before I will talk about the significance of Religion towards taking Board Exams.... Let's talk first how to get to Simala.

Getting There 
 The Simala Church is located in Simala, Sibonga Cebu.   It all started as a small chapel, which was cared and managed by Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration.  According to the local folks and to the monks of Simala Church that they witnessed several miracles and one of the miracles that they witnessed several times is the crying of the statue of Virgin Mary.  By then hundreds of pilgrims travel to Sibonga and visit the Simala Church.   In the past decade the church was very small but because of non-stop flow of donation by  many pilgrims and by commercializing the Church, it's structure changed to a very elegant and beautiful Church on the mountainous Sibonga.  

Getting there is you have to be in Cebu City then go to South Bus Terminal and ride a Ceres Bus going to Sibonga.  It's easy to find the Church because the Bus driver will inform the passengers once you get there. It’s a 2 hour and a half hour ride from Cebu, by the time you reach the stop point for the Church you will take a  motorcycle ride to bring you to the Sanctuary.

 Is it worth to Go there?

If you are a devoted Christian and a tourist it is worth to go there, but if you are just asking for something I don't think that is appropriate.  You see if you really want God to help you out with your coming exam, you can still express your concerns in any church that can be comfortable to you and to your faith.  I met so many nursing graduates who are trying their very best to reach Simala, some of them lied to their parents just to get there.  That is no longer Godly, but some sort of exploiting God's is now becoming superstitious, a taboo or a tradition...and I don't think there is faith there.  One thing the Church is becoming too commercial, you can find expensive souvenirs and candles there.  So good luck!