Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nurse Talk -  Many nurses work abroad and leave their love ones behind and what is not good to hear is that they are working in the foreign land for many years. You are left alone and of course your mind is going anywhere and maybe you are asking your self - Is she doing good there? 


I heard many stories about the life of Nurses in the Middle-East and in the US, that many of them are hungry for attention and comfort.  These professionals are stressed by their work and much worst they missed home and they miss somebody to comfort them.  Mixed stories I heard that they comforting each other (men and women alike) and that creates feelings! Some cheating are created by their friends they make arrangements and initiating the dates and etc.  So if you are left home, you better call her always.

Here is an advice

Relationships go in cycles, they have ups and downs and people also go in cycles having ups and downs (for example the changing your appearance part is bullshit because as a female I change my appearance according to how I am feeling--oh I got a new I'm not sleeping with someone else I was most likely down on myself and wanted a boost!)
You want advice. Communication....and I don't mean "are you cheating one me?" I mean from the beginning talk about each of your expectations for a relationship and talk about any trust issues you have.
Not every relationship has to have full fidelity if both partners feel they are mentally and emotionally capable of handling such an arrangement. Not every relationship has to be lovey-dovey at every moment for people to be happy and most importantly committed to each other.
If some cheats on you and breaks your trust, then I am sorry for that. However, you are not special-look at this post for an example on how often that happens. Also that cheating partner is not a horrible person...just not the right person with the same relationship expectations and goals as you. Keep your chin up, don't lose hope, and find someone you are more compatible with!