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Here are food healthful during your pregnancy, it is advice from a great doctor.
source: Marjorie Greenfield, M.D
Nurse Talk-These recommendations are here to guide your choices. As you make small changes, hopefully you will develop good habits that will serve you and your children well throughout your lifetimes.
  • Eat mostly vegetables and fruits--strong colors tend to be the most vitamin-rich.
  • Get sources of protein from chicken, lean meats, fish (choose fish that tend to be low in mercury), tofu, or low-fat dairy sources. If you are vegan vegetarian, you will need to learn about nutrition to meet your protein and vitamin needs.
  • Take in most of your carbs as whole grains: brown rice and whole wheat. Downplay white foods.
  • Don't drink your calories--our bodies don't know when we take in liquid nutrition and oftentimes we don't count it in our daily intake. Sodas and juices contain a lot of calories.
  • Eat food that looks like food, not processed into something else.
  • Eat what your appetite tells you to--eat when you are hungry, take your time, and stop just before you are full.
  • When you do eat foods that are not "ideal," take a small portion, and enjoy every minute of it.
  • If you eat from stress, habit, boredom, or to socialize, find alternative ways to meet those needs. Keep your hands busy, go for a walk, listen to music, phone a friend.
  • Pay attention to your food while you are eating it. Don't watch television or read, or you may eat more than you meant to and still not really be satisfied.

Habits are hard to change, but when we get used to making good food choices and eating to allay hunger (as opposed to the myriad other reasons we eat), we can all really enjoy the tastes and textures of our sustenance, and be healthy too!

Nurse Talk - Not all women in the world are as fertile as to our mothers, well but there are many basic procedures for women to become fertile and possibly can have a healthy baby. There are many married people who engaged many problems in their lives, but they keep hiding the main reason of their troubles and that is by not having a complete family. I hope this article would help some couples who are striving hard to have a complete family.
source: Dr. Maoshing Ni
If your clock is ticking and you're wondering the best way to get your fertility jump-started, read on.
Seasonal Timing is Everything
According to Chinese medicine, seasons really do affect fertility. Chinese medicine looks to the energetic cycles of the universe for health answers; the female and male energies - also known as yin and yang - rise and fall throughout the year.
Male energy begins in the spring and peaks around June 21, the summer solstice. Female energy begins in autumn and peaks around December 21, the winter solstice. This means that the most fertile seasons for males are spring and summer; for women, autumn and winter.
Studies performed in China have confirmed that sperm production is generally more abundant and mobile during spring and summer. Conversely, the ovaries are more active and produce more follicles during fall and winter.
One possible explanation is that because men are more physically active during the spring and summer months, growth hormone and testicular functions correspondingly increase. As for women: because ovulation occurs ideally at a lowered body temperature, it makes sense that the cooler autumn and winter months equal increased fertility.
Something to know: too high of a temperature is not conducive to fertility. It has been found that when environmental temperature is overly hot - and the body is above the ideal temperature of 98.6 - there seems to be a drop in the testicular function for men and a delayed maturation of follicles in women.
Live Food Gives New Life
Mother nature has given us foods that naturally enhance fertility. The medical tradition of China - renowned as the country with the most populous people in the world - has long considered certain foods to be of particular value in increasing success with fertility.
These foods that contain the potential for new life include eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and berries. Since these foods are themselves capable of propagation when hatched or sprouted, they are said to be abundant in life-giving energy.
It is no wonder that modern science has confirmed them as a category unto themselves; they are complete foods providing essential amino acids and helping to form the building block of protein. They are also high in the essential fatty acids (EFAs) critical for hormonal health and chock full of the antioxidants that prevent a premature decline in function and aging.
Fertility Enhancement
Here are a few ways a woman can help prepare herself for pregnancy:
1. Some evidence indicates that a woman's menstrual cycle and ovulation is affected by her amount of exposure to light. Less exposure to light corresponds to increased depression and a decrease in fertility.
As part of her fertility enhancing strategy, a woman may want increase her exposure to natural or full spectrum light during the day.
2. However, at night, any light should be completely blocked for adequate sleep; that means at least eight hours of sleep, and going to bed no later than 11 p.m.
3. Another measure a woman can take is to keep her body temperature slightly lower to create a more conducive environment for ovulation and maturation of follicles.
4. Moderate, low impact exercise can be of help - definitely avoid intense, high-impact physical workouts, which can actually inhibit fertility.
5. It is essential to keep stress low. Stress busters include meditation and tai chi.
I hope you can use this information to successfully prepare for pregnancy! I invite you to visit often and share your own personal health and longevity tips with me.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nurse Talk - Many Nurses love to eat chocolates most of my friends love chocolates but none of them talk about the positive side of it, they only argue about the taste of chocolates.  Anyways there are so many issues about chocolates too especially to those are suffering from diabetes.  Nurses are aware of that, but hey our discussion for today focus on the positive contribution by the chocolates. According to some doctors... it makes you Beautiful!
source: Marlene Alphonse
 Consuming chocolates is known to have a number of positive effects on the overall health of an individual. When it comes to skin care, chocolates can be used as packs, scrubs and wraps. Spas and salons are also making the use of chocolates in their skin treatment techniques, which yield positive results. Mentioned here are some of the benefits of dark chocolate for skin.
  • Flavonoids, which are a type of antioxidants contain a compound called epicatechins. This component has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which protect the skin from damage, caused due to pollution, exposure to harmful chemicals and smoking.
  • Collagen and elastin play a key role in preventing wrinkles and skin discoloration. However, free radicals present in the body tend to destroy these components of the skin, thereby triggering skin problems. Chocolate, especially the dark version, is a rich source of flavanols, a type of flavonoids, which help in fighting against free radicals. They also repair damaged cells, making the skin healthy and blemish-free.
  • Cocoa, the main ingredient of this sweet treat, is known to increase the moisture in the skin, making it hydrated, and thereby preventing its flaking. Since skin density is improved, with the regular consumption of dark chocolate, you can now bid goodbye to dry, scratchy and rough skin.
  • Dark chocolate acts as a shield to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. There is considerable improvement in blood circulation and age spots also tend to fade away. Due to this, the skin appears to have a refreshing and dewy appearance.
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Nurse Talk - Here is a very interesting news for men who are using laptops and WI-FIs most of their time.
source: Yahoo News
Laptop computers with WiFi may be damaging men's sperm, at least according to a new study published last week in the journal Fertility and Sterility.
To test the theory, Argentinian researchers put drops of healthy sperm near a laptop downloading data. After four hours, a quarter of the sperm had stopped swimming, compared to 14 percent of sperm in the control group placed away from the computer. In addition, 9 percent of sperm near the computer had DNA damage, three times more than the sperm in the control group.

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Nurse Talk - This is a very interesting discussion about men, chicken and gay. Well sounds funny right? But yes! Many arguments have done regarding this issue, that eating chicken makes you a gay.  Here is a statement from President of Bolivia Evo Morales, who is considered a champion of gay rights in Latin America.  He made gay-friendly organizations puzzled and mad on his remarks, that eating genetically modified chicken leads to both homosexuality and baldness in men.



Nurse Talk -  Many nurses work abroad and leave their love ones behind and what is not good to hear is that they are working in the foreign land for many years. You are left alone and of course your mind is going anywhere and maybe you are asking your self - Is she doing good there? 


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Nurse Talk - This is one good article useful for nurses who are too much involve in science and have neglected spiritual values toward patient care.  Most patients have strong faith in their religion and sometimes their beliefs encourage them to survive what ever medical attention their body demands.  The role of spirituality in promoting health and improving patients' responses to illness is receiving increasing attention. In fact, ministering to the spiritual needs of patients and families has been identified as an essential element of clinical care. Read the Full article - > 

Nurses' Attitudes Towards Spirituality and Patient Care


The High Demand For The Health Informatics Degree
How Nourish Your Newborn


Nurse Talk -  How would Nurses handle the dying, some new nurses and nursing students suffered emotional breakdown when caring patients who are dying.  I have talked to several nursing students about their experiences and most of them experienced sadness and emotional discomfort when their patients died in their hands.  It is very obvious that caring for patient to survive and to gain a good health again is some sort a victory for nurses, and seeing someone dying or died is some sort of defeat.   So what are the attitudes of Nurses when they are into situation with a dying patient.

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Nurses' Attitudes Toward Death and Caring for Dying Patients


The High Demand For The Health Informatics Degree
How Nourish Your Newborn


excerpts from
Nurse Talk - Excuses For Skipping Out Of Work Early

Nurse Talk - Physically challenged child's
development like physical, emotional, mental and social is slower, to a greater or lesser extent, than that of a normalchild, even though the handicapped child is of normal intelligence. So his/her concept of himself/herself, as a separate
entity, is more difficult to achieve from the beginning. Mostly the physically
disabled children are blocked by the frustration and due to the frustration these children attack on others or

Nurse Talk  - So many local Registered Nurses in Asia particularly in the Philippines are now suffering a lot in seeking jobs abroad and now the Recession that affects the economy of most countries in the West and Europe produce more problems.   Read this article at least you will be able to find ways to get a job despite the big R in the World today.

From Nursing Economics: The Recession's Effect on Hospital Registered Nurse Employment Growth

Nurse Talk - This is one of the best discussion for those women who wants to get pregnant, but in a certain age concerns. I found this article that will answer to your question regarding age issues on pregnancy.

It is a fascinating look at today's society and the choices women are faced with: advance their career and ignore their biological clock…the human body has an organic deadline called menopause. Physically and emotionally will she be equipped to handle the bumpy road into parenthood while managing hot flashes?

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