Saturday, November 5, 2011

People now a days are wishing to own an Iphone, even if they are holding blackberry and or Android phones. The question is why? If it's the feature they want, almost all phones these days can do anything as Iphones. With the advent of Android nothing is impossible for other brands to develop phones that could level or kill Iphone. According to statistics, Android phones can do better than Iphones and Android phones goes with different brands, so that means lots of styles and taste you can count on to. But still when you ask a lady for a birthday gift or a guy for a present during Christmas they keep shouting - "Iphone!"
Here are the reasons:
1. Iphone revolutionized mobile phones- Before we just used the Cell Phone for communication and texting, now you can do almost everything what a PC can do on your Iphone. Whatever Android phones will do to surpass the capabilities of Iphone? Still nothing can change the fact that Iphone did it first.
2. Super Friendly - Iphone is super friendly, except for the hacking parts of the gadget. Iphone is designed for ordinary users who doesn't want a cellphone with lots of buttons to press and lousy screens to drag. Iphone's user interface is made simple even kids can easily navigate the icons and programs.
3. Simplicity - Iphone is made simple so that nobody would get lost when navigating the gadget. Apps and plugins are also exclusive so that you have no worries on its compatibility.
4. Design - Iphone is slick and stylish plus it is durable. Apple Co. is known for their stylish gadgets and the people loves it.
5. Fashion and culture - Iphone created a culture and fashion in mobile phones. Iphone is like a Ferrari of the mobile phones. You can say that Lamborghini or Bugatti Veyron are the most expensive and or the fastest cars in the world, but only a handful can identify these cars. But when you say Ferrari? It's everybody's dream. Iphone is not just a phone, but a fashion tool, icon or symbol - having it would elevate you to the levels of executives and or celebrities.
When you check the world there are a lots of new gadgets showing threats and hostility to Iphone. But again, still Iphone is popular, still Iphone is the dream phone and still Iphone the big threat to other brands out there who are working so hard in making ways to kill Iphone.
“If there’s a single feature that elevates the iPhone from the rest of the mobile phones, it’s the capability that it urges and enables me to maximize the amount of time I spend thinking and doing and creating, each and every day. I’ve got ten minutes while I wait for a burger to arrive, three minutes at the post office while as a clerk explains the concept of a “forever stamp” to the unenlightened, six minutes waiting in the subway…it all adds up. I leave the house with my iPhone in my pocket, and I come home with new photos, new drawings, a few tiny things written, many pages of books read, and a better sense of the news of the day." - Iphone owner
It's been 5 years since Iphone was released....and still Iphone is the dream phone!
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