Thursday, November 24, 2011


Nurses talk - How to have a good family? Is by keeping your relationship alive and stronger, the more stronger the relationship the more healthy the family. Here is a very interesting article made by bornblond about keeping-up a good family and to avoid divorce.

How to never divorce the big all time question for married couples today.It's no big secret that the divorce rate in our society today is none other than sky high.It is essential that before the fact of divorce we learn what we can do to eliminate this threat to our families.So go ahead read on as we fight together to save the family.

1)Choose your potential spouse cautiously.Your not simply choosing a boyfriend/girlfriend,your choosing a lifetime partner/husband/wife...a mother/father for your future children.
2)Make your standards sky high in the selection process.If someone was applying for a job what type of questions would you ask on an application.This is important stuff if you indeed plan on staying together for a life time thus eliminating the threat of divorce to your marriage/family.
3)Never date anyone you don't consider to meet your standards for marriage.Isn't it somewhat of a waste of time to date simply for pleasure why not date for a life time instead.You can do that you know by choosing ever so cautiously who you date and ultimately who you will marry.
4)Set up regular date nights after the fact of marriage...this becomes increasingly important especially once the children come along.Make it a point on date nights to engage each other in conversation other than the topic of your children.
5)Give yourself 3-4 yrs bonding time before having children.This will safequard your future family.The best thing you can ever give your children is a happy marriage.So with that being the case take that time before the children come along to bond with your spouse this will protect your family through the many hurdles that life may throw your way.Develope a lasting bond before you start a family....this is a must i believe after having lived through a divorce years back.Needless to say all of these steps were unfortunately learned after the fact of divorce.
6)Beware of the many vultures (women,men) who are ever so eager to take a part of your family away.Safequard your marriage always through following these steps throughout.You might ask what do i mean by vultures i'm referring to those who prey on married men and women alike and don't think twice about the fact that they have families but yet choose to persue a relationship with your husband/wife with little to no thought as to the damage that will occur.