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Nurses Talk - Enjoy life with your cellphone, one way to put a smile in someone's face is through jokes and humorous messages, cellphone is one way to make someone smile send them now with funny sms quotes. Make their day full of fun and smiles.
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There are 4 animal species a woman needs in her life: Jaguar in her garage, mink in her closet, tiger in her bed! And of course a donkey to pay her bills!!
Do you take me 2 be ur lawfully loveable friend, 2 have and 2 hold, 4 rich quotes or corny jokes, in text messaging & in poor signal, till low batt do us part?
Husbd: Darling, years ago u had a figure like Coke bottle. Wife: Yes darling I still do, only difference is earlier it was 300ml now it's 1.5 ltr.
Teacher: Why is your nose red? Max: I smelled a b-rose. Teacher: But there is no "b" in rose. Max: There was in this one!
Hello I am a virus and I am entering your brain right now..... sorry I have to leave, I can't find a brain.
What happened 2 ur network? I tried 2 call u but the operator said "Welcome 2 the jungle, the monkey u r trying to call is on the tree....Plz try later."
Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. One says, "I've lost my electron." The other says, "Are you sure?" The first replies, "Yes, I'm positive..."
God thought that since he couldn't b everywhere he made a mother. Then devil thought that he couldn't b everywhere he made a mother-in-law.
Why couldn't the apple send an e-mail to the orange? Because the lime was engaged.
A good friend is like a computer I 'enter' ur life, 'save' u in my heart, 'format' ur problems, 'shift' u 2 opportunities & never 'delete' u from my memory! Lucio Tan said, if a man has only 1 wife, wife often fights man; if man has 2 wives, wives fight each other; but if man has 4 wives, the wives play mahjong.

Fact 1: You cannot touch your lower lip with your tongue. Fact 2: After reading this, 99/100 idiots would try it. =)
Man went to confession. Man: Father, during the war, a beautiful young lady asked me to hide her from the enemy, so I hid her in the attic. Father: That's a very good gesture, you need not confess. Man: But as the days went, she repaid me with daily sexual favors. Father: That is still forgiven my son. Man: But I have another question. Father: What is it my son? Man: Shall I tell her the war is over? =)
Lady: Teach me how to play badminton. Coach: Hold the racket the way you hold your husband's cock. Lady: Ok. Coach: No! No! Ma'am, please take the racket out of your mouth! Hahaha!
Who said fill in the blank is very easy? Try this. Fill in the blank with Yes or No. "___, I am not a normal person."
Wife stands in front of a mirror and tells husband, "I'm ugly, my boobs are sagging, my ass is too fat. Give me a compliment." Husband: "You have a very good eyesight."
Husband: When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger? Wife: I clean the toilet bowl. Husband: How does that help? Wife: I use your toothbrush.
Hubby and wife travelling by car, not talking after quarrel. Passing farm of goats, mules and pigs, hubby asked sarcastically, "Relative of yours?" Wife replied, "Yup, in-laws!"
Can you beat this logic? A man and his wife were getting divorce at a local court. The mother wants the custody of their children, but the father also wants the same. The mother said to the judge that since she brought the children into this world, she should retain the custody of them. After a long moment of silence, the man rose from the chair and said, "Judge, if I put a dollar into a vending machine and a Pepsi comes out, does the Pepsi belongs to me or to the machine?"
A man reads a book in bed next to his wife and his finger went to tickle his wife's pussy. Wife asks, "You want sex?" "No, just to wet my fingers to turn the page!"
Read each word reversely. A suomaf rotcod dlot em taht ylno latnem stneitap evah eht tnelat ot daer SMS neve nehw sti nettirw ylesrever
What is wrong with your phone? I tried calling you, but the operator said, "Welcome to the jungle! The monkey you are trying to call in on the tree. Please, try again later."
Army: I'm going to buy my wife a bra but I don't know the size. Saleslady: Don't worry sir, just touch my breast and try to estimate. Army: Oh, I forgot! She needs panty too!
A little boy was so jealous about his newborn brother so he put poison on the nipple of his mom while asleep. The next day, their driver died!
Short story... 2 friends, See and Saw. One day, See saw sea and Saw didn't see sea. See saw sea and jumped in sea. Saw didn't see sea but jumped in sea. See saw Saw in sea and Saw saw See in sea. See saw both Saw and sea and both Saw and See were happy to see sea.
I ask God to bless you, guide you, keep you safe, give you peace, give you love and joy and cash everyday.
There maybe those on earth who dress better or eat better, but those who dream of me sleep better and wake up happier! Good night!
Today is international day for people with special needs. Please send an encouraging message to a retarded friend, just as I've done. I don't care if you lick windows, interfere with farm animals, or occasionally bang your head on a wall. You hang in there, sunshine, you're special! =)
News: GMA kidnapped by terrorists. $5 million ransom demand or she'll be set on fire. All donations appreciated... so far, 500,000 liters of gasoline received! Hahaha!
A good husband was asked. Do you sleep with other women? He replied: I sleep only with my wife. With other women, I stay awake all the time!
Police arrests a prostitute who protests: I am not selling sex! Cop: Then, what are you doing? Prostitute: I'm a saleswoman selling condoms and offering free demo!
To Whom It May Concern: Please be notified that the most beautiful creation of God is preparing to sleep... Send your greetings now while she's still awake. Good night! :)
Ever wonder why the sun LIGHTENS our hair, but DARKENS our skin? Why is it that to STOP Windows 98, you have to click START? Why is 'ABBREVIATED' such a long word? Why is it that doctors call what they do PRACTICE? Why is the man who invests all your money called BROKER?
Erap to Taxi: To the airport hurry! 1st sign airport 50m, 2nd sign airport 10m, 3rd sign airport Left! Erap: You stupid, you're too slow, the airport already left!
I'm sure you were born in this world as a cute baby. Now that you're grown up, I have one question, What happened?!
Salesgirl: Sir, you can't smoke here. Customer: But I bought these cigars from your store. Salesgirl: We sell condoms also, but it doesn't mean that you can f*ck here.
I want to divorce my wife, she hasn't spoken to me in six months! Lawyer: Better think it over, wives like that are very hard to find!
A girl phone a guy, "Come on over, there's nobody home..." When the guy got there, there was nobody home. Hahaha!
Life is short, live it! Love is rare, grab it! Anger is bad, dump it! Fear is awful, face it! Memories are sweet, cherish it! Sender is cute, admit it! =)
Five reasons why I text you. You make me feel welcome (I assume). I make you smile (I suppose). You appreciate my thoughts (I hope). You spend time reading my message (I guess). You think I'm cute (I'm sure). =)
The secret of being young and gorgeous? Sleep the right amount of rest. Go with the right crowd. Exercise. Eat the right food and be my friend!
A guy wanted to lose weight. He went to a diet center. It offered plan A or B. He took plan A. He was then taken to a room wherein a good looking naked girl with a "If you catch me, you can f*ck me!" sign was waiting for him. He never caught her but he lost 50 lbs! After 3 days, he decided to try plan B, thinking that it should be better.
Excited, he quickly entered the room. A horse was in the room with a sign that says, "I will f*ck you if I catch you!" Waaaa!
Question: Why do Dracula's neighbors hate him? Answer: Because he is a pain in the neck!
7 days makes 1 week; 7 days of sex makes 1 weak; but no sex in a week makes 1 sick; however, good sex once a week makes 1 seek.
Dear God, thank you for making me healthy. Can you also make me sexy? If not, please make all my friends fat. Amen!
How can a woman tell if she’s flat chested? She looks down on her dress and the two bumps she sees are her knees.
Sincere apology: If you do not like to read my SMS or don’t like to read or if my messages disturb you, then please don’t hesitate, feel free to throw your cellphone!
An elephant asked the camel, "Is that your boobs on your back?" The camel laughed and replied, "What a silly question from someone with a big penis on his face."
Text won't flow, everyone knows, when the load fades away. Text will die, and tears in your eyes, you've got to throw your phone up high! Yeah.. yeah. Throw your phone up high!
Life is full of rewards. If you eat properly, exercise and take good care of yourself for 60 years... what is your reward? A senior citizen card! 20% discount. =)
Quotes to live by: 1. Birds of the same feather are the same birds; 2. Do not do unto others what you can't do; 3. an apple a day is not an apple at night; 4. When the cat is away, the mouse is alone; 5. if others can do it, don't help; 6. tell me who you're friends are and i'll tell you mine; 7. early to bed and early to rise makes you sleepy in the afternoon;
A little bird was flying in winter. The bird froze and fell into the ground. A cow came by and dropped some dung on the bird. Bird realized how warm it was and began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing, dig him out and ate him! Lessons to be learned from the story: 1. Not everyone who drops shit on you is your enemy; 2. Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend; and 3. When you're in deep shit, keep your mouth shut! =)
I'm praying that our friendship will never come to an end. I'm wishing that it will last until you can see an apple in an orange tree on the 30th day of february. =)
Normal is boring! Paranormal is shocking! Criminal is horrifying! Homosexual is bading! And now, the abnormal is reading!!
70 million people are having sex right now! 40 million are planning to have sex. 30 million are dreaming of it and one expert is busy reading this message! =)
Promise me we are true friends. You are the roof, I am the ground. You are the floor, I am the tiles. You are the sun, I am the rays. I am the tree, you are the monkey.
As I watched the ants crawl upon the wall, I noticed that no matter how busy they are, they still stop and communicate. I hope, we could be like the ants, we could walk on the walls!
KISS is purely organic and naturally sweet, has no artificial ingredients and is 100% wholesome...Here's one for you...MMWAAAH! Have a nice day!
Judge: Why did you kill your husband? Wife: He fetched me from the office, took me to bedroom, removed my clothes, laid me on the bed, spread my legs and said... "joke, joke, joke!"
Da Vinci... Da Vinci Winchi spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out!

Pinoy SMS jokes

Pare1: pare bakit ka tulala!!
Pare2: asawa ko naghire ng driver guwapo, bata at macho
Pare1: bakit?? selos ka??
Pare2: hindi naman, shocked lang ako.. parang masarap siya!!!
This is very interesting. dagdag kaalaman din ito.
Chorva has its etymology from the greek word CHEORVAMUS meaning " for lack of the right word to say or in place of something
you want to express but you cannot verbalize"
amazing isn't it??
naniwala ka naman.. Chorva lang yun!!!
May ari: hoy!!! Huling huli kita!!! ikaw pala nagnanakaw ng niyog ko!! bumaba ka dyan!!!
Magnanakaw: huli kung huli!!! hindi yung ginugulat mo pa ako!!! eh paano kung mahulog ako dito!!! pakyu!!!
alam mo ba kung bakit hulog ka ng langit??
kasi bawal ka dun!!!
A nun riding a taxi
Driver: i'd like to ask a favor if i may, sister i've always fantasized kissing a nun
nun: ok but first you have to be a catholic, 2nd you have to be single
taxi driver: i am both catholic and single
so the nun fulfills the taxi driver fantasy and kiss him
driver: thank you but i must confess.. i lied to you.. i am married and im a muslim
Nun: thats ok.. im on my way to a costume party and my real name is BOYET!!!
Boy: Daddy?? how did i come into this world???
Dad: listen carefully. Mom and dad met each other in a cyber cafe. In the restroom of the cyber cafe, dad connected to mom. Mom at that time made some downloads from dad's memory stick. when dad finished uploading. we discovered we did not use firewall. Since it was too late to cancel or delete, nine months later we ended up with a virus!!!
Kahit na magkalayo tayo.
Lagi mong isiping andito lang ako!!
Kaya kung nalulungkot at nag-iisa ka.
Just type my # 15
send to 808
Sure yun!!! reply me agad!!!
Ikaw pa!!!
Waaahhh.. grabe yung kasabay ko sa jeep sigeng kiss!!! hindi na nahiya!! gusto pa ng girl, inalis pa yung bra kita talaga yung boobs nya!! bata pa yung girl.. totoo!!! pero mas bata yung guy!!!
6 months!!!
Hinoldap si lumen
Pero dahil wais.. nilagay nya P500 sa panty
Kaya hindi nakuha,
Pero nang ibili nya sa grocery.. ayaw tanggapin.. fake daw!!!
nakalabas ang dila ni Ninoy!!!!
Pari nagmimisa: sino sa inyo ang may kagalit??
Taass kamay lahat pwera sa isang matandang babae
Pari: si lola lang ang walang kagalit... ano edad nyo lola??
Lola: 93 anyos.
Pari: tingnan nyo si lola.. 93 na pero walang kagalit!! Lola bakit wala kayong kagalit???
Lola: PATAY na ang mga WALANGHIYA!!!
"Walang malayong kulangot sa mahabang kuko!!"
Napakagandang qoute.
It signifies determination, creativity and hope.
Sana na-inspire ka. ;)
Atty: Ano?? idedemanda mo boss mo ng sexual harrassment!!! dahil lang sa sinabihan kang mabango ang buhok mo!!!ano masama dun???
Girl: your honor, UNANO!!! ang boss ko.. UNANO!!!
You know how much i love you, pero sabi nila pag mahal mo ang isang tao, you have to set him free.. paano yan, if i set you free baka mangagat ka!!!
Anak: tay penge pera, bili ako ng sucherya!!!
Tatay: umayos ka nga!!! kakahiya ka!! baka may makarinig. hindi sucherya tawag dun...
Anak: ano po??
Tatay: JUMPFUDS!!!
Manghuhula: Magiging mapalad ka sa larangan ng sex.
Duduy: Wow!!! ibig nyong sabihin, marami akong makakasex???
Manghuhula: Hindi. Palad mo lang lagi ang makakasex mo!!!
Lalaki 1 : anong hayop ang in na in??
Lalaki 2: ano??
Lalaki 1: Bear...
Lalaki 2 : bakit bear??
Lalaki 1: kc OSO... pare OSO...
Lalaki 2 : ngehhh!!! mamatay ka sa kakornihan
Therapist: To what animal do you compare your penis???
Juan: Lion!!! its strong!!!
Pedro: giraffe!!! coz its long
Boy: Mouse!!!
Juan and Pedro: What??? Why mouse???
Boy: Coz its chased by pussies!!!
Pare 1: Ang gara ng sapatos mo pare!!!
Pare 2: Sorpresa ng misis ko..
Pare 1: saan nabili??
Pare 2: ewan ko!!! nakita ko na lang sa ilalim ng kama kaninang umaga, may medyas pa nga eh!!!
Host: ilang taon na kayo lolo??mananawagan ba kayo??
Lolo: opo, 98 na po...
Host: Wow, tanda niyo na pala... sige po manawagan na kayo..
Lolo: kuya, umuwi ka na.. hindi na galit si daddy sa yo!!!
In the middle of a baptismal rite, the bishop officiating said:
"ang lambot ng ulo ng bata"
The pretty mother replied:
"Father, dede ko yan!!!!"
Reporter: Manny, anong bill ang gagawin mo kapag congressman ka na???
Manny: Anong bill??yung tomotonog pagkatapos ng bawat round sa bukseng???
Isang araw, may isang Ponkan at isang apple sa loob ng ref.
Sabi ng apple.. WWWuuuu ang lammmeeegggg!!!
napasigaw si ponkan... wwwwaaahhhhh!!!!! nagsasalita yung mansanas!!!!
Speaker: who among you had experienced habing SEX with a ghost???
A farmer raised his hand.
Speaker: Really???!!! how does it feel to have sex with a ghost??
Farmer: ay puta!!! akala ko GOATS!!!
Klase ng mga mag-iinom
PASSAGE - mahilig mag-pass ng tagay
THE HIKER – palipat lipat ng puwesto, iwas tagay
THE MARTYR – nagpapanggap na kaya pa kahit senglot na
KID SENTI – madaming naaalala pag nakainom na
THE FUGITIVE - umuuwi ng walang paalam naglalahong parang bula
KUNG FU – KUNG FUmulutan malupet, tirador ng pulutan, ginagawang picnic
THE CHOSEN ONE – Official runner ng tindahan, bili yelo, yosi, alak
DEADMAN DRINKER – unang nalalasing
THE ORIGINALS – lage mong katagay
Ikaw??? Anong klase ka??
May nakikita sa akin sa dalampasigan…
“malungkot at nag-iisa”
Sabi niya..
“ kung mahal mo siya bakit hindi mo ipadama”
Sumagot ako..
“Adik ka ba??? Naiwan ako sa outing!!!
Mahal ka dyan!!!!”
Lola: sino yang kasama mo??!!!
Apo: BF ko po!!!!
Lola: aba bata ka pa.. lumalandi ka na.. pasok sa loob!!! At ikaw lalaki…
Friendship between Women: a woman did’nt come home one night, told husband that she had slept at her friends house. Husband called 10 of her friends but all said: “ no she wasn’t here”
Friendship between men: A man didn’t come home one night, told wife he had slept at a buddy’s place. Wife called 10 of his friends, 8 of them confirmed he had slept over and 2 even claimed he was still there!!!...
Getting angry is punishing yourself with the mistakes of others. So keep away from anger coz you’ll get wrinkles!! Tingnan mo ang betlog kulubot kc katabi niya galit palagi….
Anak: tay wala na naman tayo ulam ah…
AMA: mahirap ngayon ang buhay anak.. tiis muna tayo, isipin mo na lang bawat subo mo na sasabihin ko ulam yun anak…
Anak: Sige tay!!!
AMA: nilagang baboy!!!
Anak: hhhmmmm.. sarap…
Ama: sisig na isda!!!
Anak: huhuhuhuhuh L
AMA: bakit ka umiyak!!!
Anak: ang anghang tay!!!
Tinanong ko ang lolo ko…
“masakit po ba talaga ang magmahal ng lubos??”
Ang sabi ni lolo,
"Apo, rich tayo.. ayos lang magmahal ang pulbos"

Nurses Talk- SMS is very essential to everyone especially if you are in love. Now a days love can be expressed in many things and one way to express some ones feelings is through cellphones.
Best SMS qoutes for Lovers:
Open your heart and take us in, Love - love and me. - W. E. Henley

Nurses Talk - There are many words in this world that could touch someones heart especially if that someone is in the brick of desperation. Inspirational messages are truly a great help a simple words bounded with comfort and love would mean a lot to someone special. Below are the list of inspirational messages that could touch someone or anybody in your life that you have treasured.

Romantic Quotes

**Every time i miss you, a star falls. So if you ever look up at the sky and the stars are gone, its because you made me miss you too much!**
Most wonderful pairs in the world are:- HEART & BEAT NIGHT & MOON BIRDS & SONGS ROSES & LOVE U & UR $MILE. SO KEEP $MILING ALWAYS.
Look at sun and you see time. Look in heart and you see love. Look in eyes and you see life. Look at your mobile and you see who's thinking of u! It's me.
Forever is not a word rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there.
A sMiLe tO pUt You On HiGh... A KisS To Set YoUr SouL ALriGhT... WouLd iT bE aLriGhT iF I spEnT ToNiTe BeiNg LovED bY YoU???
God gave u 2 legs to walk.2 hands to hold.2 ears to hear.2 eyes to see.But why did he giv u only 1 Heart? Probably because He wants you to lookforthe other
Being a good person is like a being a goal keeper No matter how many goals we save,People will remember only the one that you missed.
Read This SLowLy “LIFEISNOWHERE” What Did U Read? LiFe Is No Where!! OR
LiFe IS Now Here!! Just BeautifuL Line To Say, “LiFe Depends On The Way We Look It”
Never waste an opportunity 2 say ‘I love U’ to someone U really like B’coz it is not everyday U’ll meet the person Who has the magic to let U fall in love.
Give thousand chances to your enemy To become your friend. But never give a single chance to your Friend To become your enemy.
In life LOVE is never planned nor does it happen for a reason. But when LOVE is real, It becomes your PLAN for life and your reason for living.
U want and u get that is luck, u want and u wait that is time, u want but u compromise that is life and u want but u sacrifice that is LOVE

Inspire someone with this qoutes

Humans have the incredible ability to reason logically and come to the wrong conclusion.
Two things in this world are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. But I’m not so sure about the first one.” – Albert Einstein
Life’s not worth living if you don’t have something worth dying for.
Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed on and digested.
It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.
If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right.
Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active.
The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.
Lying is done with words and also with silence.
How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four; calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.
The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.
The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.
Nothing is a cliché when it’s happening to you.
The reason cliches become cliches is that they are the hammers and screwdrivers in the toolbox of communication.
Computers, Work, Love; nothing about life is simple, so why do we expect to live simply?
Racism is only racism if you can't think of a witty comeback.
Let us endeavor to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." -- John Lennon
"The largest living land mammal is the absent mind." --- Capt. Beefheart
"Anything played wrong twice in a row is the beginning of an arrangement." --- Frank Zappa
"The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it." --- Carl Jung
"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." --- Albert Einstein
"My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people." --- Orson Welles
"I would like to be able to admire a person's opinions as I would their dog - without being expected to take it home with me." ---- Frank A. Clark
"Never play a thing the same way twice. - Louis Armstrong
"If everything is under control, you are going too slow."- Mario Andretti
"We have not lost faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession." -George Bernard Shaw
"Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say." -William W.Watt
"Faith is an excitement and an enthusiasm; it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander in the small coin of empty words." -George Sand
"Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to." -George Seaton
"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for; but, rather something to be achieved." -William Jennings Bryan
"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." -Albert Schweitzer
"It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are." E. E. Cummings
"Courage is grace under pressure." -Ernest Hemingway
"Often the test of courage is not to die but to live." -Vittorio Alfieri
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear." Mark Twain
"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"-Vincent Van Gogh
"One man with courage is a majority." -Andrew Jackson
"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." -Beverly Sills
"Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others." –Winston Churchill
"It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been before. To test your limits... to break through barriers." -Unknown
"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." –Seneca
"If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time-a tremendous whack." -Winston Churchill
"The possibility that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just." – Abraham Lincoln

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We are giving you up Nurses funny jokes for you to enjoy your duty periods... Enjoy!
 Isang pinoy
napropos sasa Pinayn mnmhal..upngmapasgotang grl,pnaghandaanang sa2bhn..Boy:"Wil u b myweding?"Girl:hahaha!Boy:"wats lafing??"Girl:"wRong Gramming!" -----------------------------------------------

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Nurses TalkI want to do something for me. I want you to imagine that you are married to someone. If you are married to someone you can still participate, just imagine the person you are married to. Now I want you to imagine the point of your marriage where things are rough, difficult, maybe you are not the cute couple you two use to be before. You two use to be sexually active, but now you two are not even sleeping in the same bed. Now I want you to imagine you coming home from work. You get off earlier than usual, and you come home to see a car parked in front of your house. You don't know who it is but you have a feeling like something is not right. Sure enough you enter to find your husband/wife is indeed having a having an affair behind your back.
How do you feel? What do you do? Is this right?


Nurses talk - How to have a good family? Is by keeping your relationship alive and stronger, the more stronger the relationship the more healthy the family. Here is a very interesting article made by bornblond about keeping-up a good family and to avoid divorce.

How to never divorce the big all time question for married couples today.It's no big secret that the divorce rate in our society today is none other than sky high.It is essential that before the fact of divorce we learn what we can do to eliminate this threat to our families.So go ahead read on as we fight together to save the family.

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If its difficult for you to become a Registered Nurse in the US, well you don't have to worry on that practical nursing jobs are now the trend to get a real job in the US as a health professional.  Well, of course the work load and the salary are not similar as of working as a registered nurse, but at least you get a big chance to practice your profession abroad.  So you must get an

LPN or LVN course then you can take the licensure exams for LPN or LVN. Make sure that you have a good experience in the hospital before applying for NCLEX-PN examination, if you pass that then you can apply for Practical Nursing Positions in the US.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can work as LPN nurse in America:

1.      In USA, one option for a practical nurse is to work as a temporary worker. Practical nurses must have completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or LPN course and passed required exams.


2.      You have to take and passed the NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse) and English test.


3.      Qualified applications will be petitioned via working visa by the employer.


4.      While working, they can choose to continue their studies to be eligible for an immigrant visa application and work as Registered Nurse.


5.      Under the present immigrant visa retrogression, you may have to wait for 5 to 6 years.


6.      For more information about H2B visa for practical nurses, you may consult US immigration lawyers.


Applying for a UK Visa

  The United Kingdom Border Agency, through their website; 

So many Filipinos wants to get abroad and many Nurses from the Philippines are eager to get a chance to step foot in UK and work with their profession.  Well, Nurses you will not get the full chance to work as nurse their due to the Visa.  But as long you can get a student visa then there is a big chance you could land a job there in UK. updated guidelines on the requirements, procedures and other vital information on how to apply for a  specific type of visa.

Specifically, there are four modes of  entering the UK, depending on the purpose of the travel -  to visit, to study, to work or join family. A visit means a short stay (generally of up to 6 months) in the UK while study means a course of study at a UK school, university or college. Work in essence means paid or unpaid (voluntary) work for an employer in the UK on the other hand ‘Join Family’ means coming to the UK, with the aim of staying for a long period or permanently, as the partner or family member of a British citizen or someone who has (or is applying for) temporary or indefinite permission to stay here.

In 2009, the UK census recorded a figure of 112,000 Filipinos living and working in the United Kingdom, and had 10,840 Filipinos gaining British citizenship in 2007, the second largest number of any nation after India.

A Note on the UK Points Based System
In 2008, immigration to the UK underwent a complete process of reform, replacing most of the current system of UK visas and UK work permits with a five tier points-based immigration service. So here is the reform in 2008.

The new system consists of the following five categories:
Tier 1 visa– Migrants with desirable professional skills
Tier 2 visa – Skilled workers with an offer of employment
Tier 3 visa – Temporary, low skilled workers
Tier 4 visa – Students
Tier 5 visa– Youth mobility schemes/ temporary workers

Tiers 1 and 2  offer potential routes to settlement in Britain and may lead to the opportunity to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR), often known as permanent residency.

In Tiers 2-5 applicants will need to obtain a certificate of sponsorship from the relevant sponsoring body. For Tier 2 visas this would be a sponsoring British company, for Tier 3 visas the operator of a specific worker scheme, for Tier 4 visas the educational institution and for Tier 5 visas the home government of the candidate.

What most Filipinos are unaware of, is that in order to be eligible to apply under certain categories of the Points Based System, an applicant must have a sponsor which is on the UKBA Register of Sponsors.

The register of sponsors lists all companies, schools and organizations that the UK Border Agency has licensed to employ migrant workers or sponsor migrant students. As of 31 March 2009, the register of sponsors replaced the register of education and training providers published by the Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills (and previously by the Department for Education and Skills).The register of sponsors lists the name, location and sponsor rating of every registered organization.

How the UKBA Awards Sponsors Ratings

The rating of a tier 4 sponsor – such as school or college – reflects the track record that institution has in educating overseas students and is listed on the education provider’s entry on the Tier 4 Register of Sponsors. If a school or college is suspended from the register, they will only re-appear once they have satisfied the UK Border Agency’s concerns and will show their new rating following inspection.

A-rated Sponsors.  If an education provider is an A-rated tier 4 sponsors, it means:

there is no evidence of abuse of the system or breaking of the tier 4 rules; and
they have all the necessary systems in place to meet their obligations as a sponsor under the points based system.

B-rated Sponsors. Schools or colleges that are given a B-rating – often following suspension from the Register of Sponsors – it means that a UK Border Agency visiting officer has found evidence that the necessary systems are not in place to carry out their obligations as a sponsor.

B-ratings are awarded if any member of staff is found to have a civil penalty within the past five years. This also extends to any convictions which raise doubt as to the education provider’s owner’s ability to run a business.

This means if a school or college previously rated as A before suspension and re-rated as B following inspection, has been prosecuted by the UK Border Agency for breaches of Tier 4 rules and/or has been badly run overall as a business. This does not mean that all B-rated institutions are untrustworthy, as the sham colleges will have their licenses revoked, but it should force students and agents to ask more searching questions.

Highly Trusted Sponsors.  This rating is awarded  to   “those sponsors who can demonstrate the highest levels of compliance with their sponsor obligations and who have a proven track record of recruiting genuine students who comply with the UK’s immigration rules.”

Recent Developments

UKBA announced in July this year that,  from April 2012, all educational  institutions in the UK  wanting to sponsor students  will be required to be classed as Highly Trusted Sponsors (HTS) and become accredited by statutory education inspection bodies.

Other restrictions, such as the requirement of overseas students to speak a determined level of English, were brought in at the same time, as part of the Government’s reforms of the immigration system, to tackle abuse and bring net migration down to ‘sustainable levels’.

The revised guidance sets out what will happen to existing Tier 4 sponsors  who do not apply for Highly Trusted Sponsor  status by the deadline and details of transitional arrangements for sponsors who do not already have Highly Trusted Sponsor status.

In a statement, a UKBA  spokesperson said, “The changes to the student visa system will create a system where every student coming to the UK attends a legitimate course at a legitimate institution.”

Furthermore,  by next year, UKBA  will operate only two ratings –  ‘A  rating’ and  ‘Highly Trusted Sponsor rating.’ With this recent developments, tt is highly probable that many further and higher education private institutions will be forced to closed down due to the new changes introduced into the UKBA Tier-4 policies.

It is thus imperative for students wanting to pursue postgraduate studies in UK to  check the register to see whether the education provider that they  have chosen to study with is on the register and check the UKBA rating awarded to the education provider.  Here is the link for the register:

Source: OFW Journalism Consortium

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The ANACONDA is the common name to this large and fierce South American snake of the boa family. The anaconda or water boa is one of the largest and most powerful snakes in the world, and the largest in the western hemisphere. It kills its victim by constriction, or squeezing. The reptile can be found in the rivers of the Guianas and Brazil. The female anaconda is a type of aquatic boa, which lives on the swamps especially in river trees they also lurking on the forest of South America. The Yellow Anaconda is found as far south as Argentina.
If we talk about the origins of how it is called ‘Anaconda.’ Well that is because it is derived from the Sinhalese word henakandaya, which means 'whip snake', or it must be derived from the Tamil word, anaikondran, which it means an “elephant eater”. But according to many historians it is yet unclear how the snake’s name originated from the snake's native habitat; it is likely because of its unclear likeness to the large Asian snakes, pythons. In South America most people they call the great snake as matatoro, which means 'bull killer'. For some Native Americans they call it sucuri and yakumama,which has the same meaning as of the Spanish term. In the Boa family tree , Anacondas are referred as water boas. So where ever you are in the world if you encountered those terms you know they are referring the great snake.
The Secret Life of an Anaconda
Most Anacondas spend most of their time in there rivers and hunting for something to eat. These creatures are very introverted and hunts alone, they are always hiding. They camouflaged on anything on the swamps, which one big factor that they could easily get their prey. According to many historians that European explorers of the South American jungles had encountered giant anacondas that reaches up to 100 feet long. South American natives had also witnessing anacondas that reaches up to 50 feet long. These days nobody has caught and measured an anaconda anywhere that reaches the size that I mentioned earlier. The Anaconda’s dead skin if you stretch it could expand to much longer lengths than the snake revealed when alive. The records of unbelievable sizes of Anacondas could be based on the found dead snakes by explorers or by the Natives, which according to many unrealistic of an actual Boa type of snake.
How big is this deadly Snake?

Many had speculated that the maximum size of this boa could reach as long as 30 to 45 m. In 1944 some great explorers had measured anaconda, which reached 11.43m. Another scientist claimed that he had killed an Anaconda that reaches 10.3m.
There were so many recorded reports from past explorers in the South American wilderness that they had seen anacondas with sizes reaching 65 ft long, and that report was also approved by the locals who also saw anacondas reaching 57 ft., but these sightings could be just mere exaggeration by the witnesses because they had no proofs on what they had seen. There were also claims from many adventurers and Percy Fawcett is one of these adventurers who had killed an Anaconda reaching 18.9m.
One snake historian named, Mike Dash writes of claims that Anaconda could reach as long as 30–45 m.
There was a study regarding Anacondas and according to it, among 1,000 wild anacondas in Brazil, the largest captured anaconda was 35 feet long.

Killer Snake
Why the Anaconda is very fierce and killer snake? The answer is very obvious once you encountered this snake; they are 100 percent attacker once you are in their premises. These Water boas kill their prey by simply coiling their powerful bodies to their victims no matter how big the prey is, Anacondas would squeeze their victim’s body until its bones and organs crushed. The jaw of this snake is like of the chainsaw it moves and stick to the victims flesh, swallows the victim like the way the aquatic creatures eat their food. The best way for you to survive from this snake is always presence of mind if you’re in the wild swamps. They are slow-moving creatures, but very stealthy and always attack their prey by surprise.

Good day Movie goers! Contagion is one hot and cool movie, which turns out so realistic the way the story goes.  Hmm the movie of course is not about the common dreaded diseases, which struck most of man kind such as cancer, herpes,diabetes,etc.  Contagion is different and it kills fast.   So here are some great movies of the past that will let panic on your seats.


1. Outbreak (1995)
    -  This is one of my favorite films about virus.  This is about an epidemic of a deadly airborne virus. It started from monkey then it started to spread in the US and killing almost all people in the City.  What makes this movie scary, the virus itself its more realistic the virus resembles the one that victimized the people in Africa, the Ebola virus.

2. 12 Monkeys (1995)
  - This is a hell of a movie, its a bit futuristic but has a story but puts you on a run.  It is about the post-apocalyptic earth, where people are living underground since the world is contagious with a virus.  The movie stars Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis and some young actors at that time.  You will see some guys here with gout symptoms, I am just kidding.  The main actor here will strive to get the cure, something like the poison ivy of the virus that looms the world.

3. I am Legend (2007)
  - After how many years plague movies arrived again. I am legend may look like a boring film, because you only see Will Smith as the sole person a live, but then you see bunch of infected guys trying to bite you.  What makes the movie a bit scary? Is the story of how the virus was created. It said in the movie that it was just a research for a cure for cancer, but then it turns the victim into a zombie.

War Stories and Information

There are various snakes in the world and most of these snakes are very poisonous. Many scientists are now studying their behaviour and extracting venom from them in a purpose of getting cure against snake bites and on how to tame them and to understand their habitat. Among all the known snakes in the world their are a few that top the list as the most deadliest snakes in the world, they may look nice and friendly but their bite surely will put you down in serious condition.

List of Deadliest Snakes in the world as per their ranking

1. The Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus), also known as the Small Scaled Snake and Fierce Snake, is a highly venomous snake that lives in Australia, notorious for having the most potent venom of any species of snake in the world.The Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan is a species of Taipan belonging to the Elapidae family.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Elapidae
Genus: Oxyuranus
Species: O. microlepidotus


A single bite from the Inland Taipan contains enough venom to kill as many as 100 human adults, or 250,000 mice. The average venom yield of this snake is 44 mg, with a 110-mg being the largest recorded yield. Its venom is 50 times more toxic than that of the Indian Cobra and 650 - 850 times more toxic than that of a Western- or Eastern Diamondback. The Inland Taipan has an extremely neurotoxic venom which can cause death to a adult human in as little as 45 minutes. Although highly venomous it is a relatively timid snake provided that it is left alone. Even so, if it is suspected that a bite from this snake has occurred, medical attention should be sought immediately. Although known as the most venomous land snake in the world, there have been no documented human fatalities. All known bites have been treated using antivenom.
2. Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern or Common brown snake)
Bites from Pseudonaja affinis (Dugite) most often produces coagulopathy, with other clinical signs including:, abdominal pain, breathing and swallowing difficulty, convulsions, ptosis, hemolysis, hypotension from depression of myocardial contractility, renal failure or rhabdomyolysis. The specific procoagulant involved is a serine protease with a sialic acid component which also contributes to the coagulant action that has a different specific activity than the procoagulants from P. inframacula, P. nuchalis, and P. textilis but has a homologous primary structure.
The ringed-brown snake P. modesta has been reported to cause systemic envenomation but, in contrast with other, more toxic members of the genera, there was a clinical absence of coagulopathy or paralysis with general symptoms being mild.
In direct contrast, P. nuchalis (Gwardar) is an acutely venomous snake capable of causing coagulopathy, hypotension from myocardial damage and renal failure but without neurotoxic symptoms. As previously discussed, the procoagulant is a serine proteases with a sialic acid component, which also contributes to the coagulant action, that has a specific bioactivity but shares sequential homology.
Pseudonaja textilis (Eastern brown snake) is the most toxic member of the genera and, at 12 times the toxicity of the Indian cobra Naja naja, it is the second most toxic land snake in Australia. However, due to the greater range, occurrence in urban areas and aggressive temperament, the eastern brown snake is the most dangerous and clinically important snake in Australia. The venom of the Eastern Brown snake is slow to produce effect, but once symptoms emerge they proceed with terrifying rapidity with death being sudden and unexpected. Part of the problem is that the early signs of the bite pathology closely resemble that of the occurrence of psychological shock and thus may be misdiagnosed. Symptomology of envenomation include: cardiorespiratory failure, disseminated intravascular coagulation accompanied by very active secondary fibrinolysis which contributes to the acute bleeding, renal failure, and severe thrombocytopenia. The coagulant component of the venom is a powerful complete prothrombinase that makes up over 30% of the total venom protein and converts prothrombin to alpha-thrombin which ultimately results in the clinically seen disappearance of fibrinogen and accompanying rise in fibrin in the blood.Bites are treated with brown snake antivenom.
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Elapidae
Genus: Pseudonaja
Species: P. textilis
The Eastern Brown Snake is the second most venomous land snake in the world after the Inland Taipan. Although Eastern Browns will seek to avoid a confrontation, it has a very toxic venom, and when bitten can cause death. Sub-adults have been known to cause fatalities in humans. The venom contains both neurotoxins and blood coagulants.
3. Bungarus is a genus of venomous elapid snakes found in India and South-East Asia. Commonly referred to as kraits, there are 12 species and 5 subspecies.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Elapidae
Genus: Bungarus
Daudin, 1803


Bungarus species contain neurotoxic venom that is 16 times more potent than cobra venom. Krait venom is extremely powerful and quickly induces muscle paralysis. Clinically, their venom contains mostly pre-synaptic neurotoxins. These affect the ability of nerve endings to properly release the chemical that sends the message to the next nerve. Following envenomation with bungarotoxins, transmitter release is initially blocked (leading to a brief paralysis), followed by a period of massive overexcitation (cramps, tremors, spasms), which finally tails off to paralysis. Not all these phases may be seen in all parts of the body at the same time. Fortunately, since kraits are nocturnal they seldom encounter humans during daylight hours so bites are rare. Nonetheless, any bite from a krait is potentially life-threatening and must therefore be regarded as a medical emergency. Note that there is frequently little or no pain at the site of a krait bite and this can provide false reassurance to the victim. Typically, victims start to complain later of severe abdominal cramps accompanied by progressive muscular paralysis, frequently starting with ptosis. As there are no local symptoms, a patient should be carefully observed for tell-tale signs of paralysis (eg the onset of ptosis, diplopia and dysphagia) and treated urgently with antivenom. Before antivenom was developed, there was an 85% mortality rate among bite victims.Krait antivenom is often ineffective and as a result, mortality rate is at 50% even with treatment. Because of this, it is sometimes arguably considered the world's most dangerous snake. Note that it is also possible to support bite victims via mechanical ventilation, using equipment of the type generally available at hospitals. Such support should be provided until the venom is metabolised and the victim can breathe unaided. If death occurs it takes place approximately 6 to 12 hours after the krait bite. Cause of death is respiratory failure ie suffocation via complete paralysis of the diaphragm.
4.Taipans are large (up to 3 metres in length), fast, highly venomous Australian snakes, one of which, the Fierce Snake, has the most toxic venom of any land species worldwide, although it is not the most deadly. The taipan was named by Donald Thompson after the word used by the Wik-Mungkan Aboriginal people of central Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia.
There are three known species: the common taipan, the less common inland taipan (also known as the Fierce Snake and small-scaled snake) (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) and a recently discovered third species. The common taipan has two subspecies: the mainland coastal taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus) and the Papuan taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus canni) native to the southern coast of Papua New Guinea. Their diet consists primarily of small rodents, especially rats, and bandicoots.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Elapidae
Genus: Oxyuranus

Venom and toxicity

The inland taipan is often considered to be the most venomous land snake. With an LD50 of 0.025 mg/kg, it is 20 times as venomous as a common cobra. Lethal dose calculations are made on mice, so they have a murine bias. The bias is emphasised in this species of snake, as it is specialised to feed on rodents. Calculated LD50 values might not be applicable to non-mammalian species, and may even be inaccurate for mammals other than mice and other rodents. The venom from a single bite of the inland taipan might be potent enough to kill about 250,000 mice, or the mass-equivalent of 100 men. This species generally lives in remote and sparsely inhabited areas. Like most snakes, inland taipans are generally shy and will usually not bite unless they feel threatened. No fatalities have been attributed to this species, and all known bites have been to people who keep them in captivity or actively seek them out in the wild.
The common taipan is the third-most venomous snake on Earth and arguably the largest venomous snake in Australia. Its venom contains Taicatoxin, a highly potent neurotoxin. The danger posed by the coastal taipan was brought to Australian public awareness in 1950, when young herpetologist Kevin Budden was fatally bitten in capturing the first specimen available for antivenom research. The common taipan is often considered to be one of the deadliest species in the world. Mortality rate without treatment is second only to the black mamba, nearing 100%. However, antivenom treatment is highly effective. In several aspects of morphology, ecology and behaviour, the common taipan is strongly convergent with an African elapid, Dendroaspis polylepis (the black mamba).
Tiger snakes are usually black in Tasmania and the colour and width
 of the bands can vary. This specimen can be seen at the Reptile Centre 
at Gunns Plains.
Tiger snakes are usually black in Tasmania and the colour and width of the bands can vary. This specimen can be seen at the Reptile Centre at Gunns Plains.
5. Tiger Snake
The Tasmanian Tiger Snake has recently been shown to be the the same species as that which occurs on the south-eastern Australian mainland, (Notechis scutatus). The markings are extremely variable and should not be used in isolation to identify snakes. Colours range from jet black, through yellow/orange with grey bands to sandy grey with no bands. There are unconfirmed reports of red-bellied Tiger snakes in north-east Tasmania. Typical forms are of a black snake with either no bands or faint yellow to cream bands. Dark olive snakes with yellow bands are fairly common.
Generally the belly is pale yellow, white or grey, the enlarged ventral scales often edged with black. The head is broad and blunt. It can be difficult to distinguish the Tiger Snake from the Copperhead since sizes, habitat preferences and behaviour overlap somewhat. Tiger Snakes have 13 - 19 rows of scales around the middle of the body, the usual number being 17. On the mainland of Tasmania Tiger snakes reach a length of 1 to 1.8 m. The Chappell Island population reaches prodigious lengths -- up to 2.1 m. Male tiger snakes reach a greater size than females and have larger heads.
Threats:Now legally protected in Tasmania, Tiger snakes still face great danger from human activities such as destruction and fragmentation of habitat. Many are needlessly killed on the road when deliberately run over.
Fangs and poison: The highly toxic venom is produced in large amounts. The venom is mainly neurotoxic, affecting the central nervous system, but also causes muscle damage and affects blood clotting. The breakdown of muscle tissue can lead to kidney failure. I
6. Beaked seasnake (Enhydrina schistosa, also known as the hook-nosed sea snake, the common sea snake, and the Valakadyn sea snake) is a species of sea snake.
It is found in the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf (off Oman), south of the Seychelles and Madagascar, the seas off South Asia (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh), Southeast Asia (Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, Vietnam), and Australia (Northern Territory and Queensland) and New Guinea.

Habitat & habits

These snakes are generally found in the coast and coastal islands of India. They are amongst the most common of the 20 kinds of sea snakes found in that region.
They are active both during the day and at night. They are able to dive up to 100 m and stay underwater for a maximum of five hours before resurfacing. Seasnakes are equipped with glands to eliminate excess salt. They are venomous, but not aggressive and are thus handled by the fishermen without fear, though they are thrown back into the sea upon sight. The venom of this snake is rated four to eight times as toxic as cobra venom. About 1.5 milligrams of its venom is estimated to be lethal.
The principal food is fish. The snake is also eaten as meat by Hong Kong and Singapore fishermen and locals alike
7) Saw Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus ), Middle East Asia.
7) Saw Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus ), Middle East Asia.
8) Coral Snake (Micrurus fulvius ), North America
8) Coral Snake (Micrurus fulvius ), North America
Boomslang (Dispholidus typus ), Africa.
Boomslang (Dispholidus typus ), Africa.
10) Death Adder (Acanthopis antarcticus ), Australia and New 
10) Death Adder (Acanthopis antarcticus ), Australia and New Guinea.
Timber Rattlesnake
Timber Rattlesnake

Many were saddened by the death of the loved Princess of England, Princess Diana.  She died together with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in Paris.  The couple were killed in a car accident while their car was chased by paparazzi.  Before the gruesome accident that killed the couple and their driver, there were so many issues that surrounds their forbidden relationship.  Diana's boyfriend was a Muslim from a very influential and rich family, while Princess was the mother of the future King and head of the Church in England.  That made speculations to many  people especially those who love Princess Diana so much, that the accident killed her and her boy friend was not natural, but rather planned in order to avoid further issues and troubles to the future of the  Royal family.
According to statistics that a quarter of UK people and many people from some Arab nations convinced that there was a plot to murder the Princess.  The motivations were driven from different issues that already circulated to the past activities of the Princess with Dodi, such as the issues of the possible marriage plans of the couple, the Princess intention to change religion, and the issues of pregnancy and that she was to visit Vatican.  Organizations which conspiracy theorists suggest are responsible for her death have included French Intelligence, the British Royal Family, the press, the British Intelligence services MI5 or MI6, the CIA, Mossad, the Freemasons, or the IRA.

source: Wikipedia

More war stories and conspiracy stories

If you are a kind of person who loves a story of a certain celebrity or a historical figure, then you are on the right article. There are so many historical figures in the planet that shaped our nation and some of these guys were as ordinary as us during their time. But these people became heroes and their names were written in many historical books, you may ask why? Well they made great accomplishments and great sacrifices for their country and their fellowmen. I have here the list of the top biographical movies of all time. Watching these movies will make you cry and sometimes makes you mad. But anyways that is how biographical movies are made for? Making us understand how they run their lives and how they succeed. So let's find out what makes these movies as the all time greats in the Big screen!

People now a days are wishing to own an Iphone, even if they are holding blackberry and or Android phones. The question is why? If it's the feature they want, almost all phones these days can do anything as Iphones. With the advent of Android nothing is impossible for other brands to develop phones that could level or kill Iphone. According to statistics, Android phones can do better than Iphones and Android phones goes with different brands, so that means lots of styles and taste you can count on to. But still when you ask a lady for a birthday gift or a guy for a present during Christmas they keep shouting - "Iphone!"

Iphones are the hotcakes in the market for over 5 years already and it seems nothing can stop Apple from making their Iphones more advance than other handheld devices of its kind. Apple Co. have revolutionized handheld devices that forced other cellphone companies to re-evaluate their ambition to compete with Apple's Iphone. Luckily Android OS came along to give other cellphone companies the strength to face the popular Iphone and what is interesting seems these companies are working hard to surpass the capabilities of Iphones. So the question is why Android Phones are better than Iphone? Let's check it out the list.

So many people in the world right now suffers serious heart problems due to not exercising and by not giving attention to healthy foods that they should be eating.  But according to statistics it is very difficult to adjust your eating habits especially you are craving to these well-cooked and delicious foods on the street corners to the ones prepared by your wife or by neighbors.  My advice have time to read this article.