Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr Maulik -Healthcare Informatics Consultant: "Medical informatics functional consultant has basic knowledge of computer languages such as C#, Core Java, HTML, XML etc. In addition, they are expected to be well-versed with medical standards such as HL7 and DICOM. Needless to say that health domain experts and hardcore software programmers together can come up with much better final product for medical field."

What is health informatics?: "This is a very exciting field with many new jobs being developed. The Obama administration is putting billions of dollars into health information technology and much of the work needs to be directed by people with health informatics expertize. It is currently estimated that there is a need for about 50,000 such cross-trained experts in America over the next five years. So this is a great area for any clinicians or computer scientists to enter - it is well paid, and jobs are plentiful."

Pondering On A Degree In Nursing Informatics: "Whereas nursing informatics is a relatively new field, people who get a nursing informatics degree can easily find employment in computer companies engaged in making software for assisting medical practitioners in diagnostic labs and medical facilities. This degree opens horizons in the area of records management in terms of getting fast documentation and evaluation of records in order to get quick diagnosis and make the hospitals function more efficiently between its staff, doctors, and patients."

The High Demand For The Health Informatics Degree: "The keeping of records is vital in the preservation of life of the patients as their health is properly tracked by their medical records. Doctors would lose track of their medical prescriptions in the absence of documented information in medical records. This is the reason why a health informatics degree is very important for professionals in the health care industry which is considered to be the fastest growing industry in the United States."

The Different Nurse Informatics Programs Online: "A fusion between practical nursing, computer science and information technology, nursing informatics is a degree that is fast rising in the world today. The expert in nursing informatics takes care of translating patient and staff requirements into computer programs with the objective of giving detailed services to the technical staff in elevating and upgrading nursing care. There are nurse informatics programs online that promote computer and information technologies to facilitate and upgrade the requirements of the health care industry."

How Nourish Your Newborn: "Giving up the breast or bottle is a major milestone in a baby's development, but not one that should be rushed. When a woman stops nursing is largely a matter of personal preference. Some mothers wean their babies from the breast to a bottle after only a few weeks or months; others continue nursing for longer, even though the child is eating solid food. Similarly, some babies decide to give up their bottles themselves at 9 or 10 months; yet others will still want it -- especially at nap or bedtime. If a baby under a year old drinks milk from a cup, it should still be a formula."

10 Ways to Heal Spiritually after Breakup: "Breakups aren't great for the self-esteem. If you did the breaking up, you might feel like a callous jerk. If you were dumped, you might feel un-loveable. Sit down in a quiet place with your journal or a piece of paper and write yourself reminders of what you like about yourself. That's not to say there aren't lessons to be learned from every breakup, but you should come away feeling like the good and special person that you truly are."

Nurses in World War 2 - Heroism under fire: "There were so many questions pertaining to the performances of the nurses in the front, others would say that they weren't able to perform well when bombs started to explodes on the ground. But that did not happen to majority of the Nurses serving in the fronts. In North Africa campaign alone Allied Nurses were stationed in a Hospital at the middle of an airfield and ammunition dump. When bombs started exploding near on their distance none of the nurses run away from their patients, instead they had saved more lives by helping more wounded from the bombing raids."

The best places to find naked people: "Japanese loves Spa and they do have great places suited for you to warm your body. Japan’s Spa World is the favorite place of many locals and foreigners. All baths and body soaks are done in nude, but men and women are placed in separate floors. So expect that you will be hanging with lots of Japanese people. Enjoy and have an Asian good time in Japan."

How to help your Dad quit Smoking - Facts and Tips: "'The worse thing is, to quit with smoking starts in your head! It's a drug you need it to feel good. You said you enjoy smoking but you need the willing to stop. That means if you try to smoke less and less that wont work because in stressy situations you will smoke more to calm down. If you really want to stop smoking you need to do it without any help.' - John81"

Things to do before climbing Mt. Everest - Great advice: "'In life, and sometimes in death, Mount Everest has had a lasting effect on all of those who have challenged its heights. It can vanquish those who disrespect it, and mercilessly test those who honor it. Yet Everest is indifferent to your presence. Climb it and you will receive a lifetime dose of humility and exhilaration.'"

How to Survive Bullying in School - Facts and Tips: "Face your fear, overcome it and always heads-up, be wise and have self-confidence - It could be a Psychological War you have there with the bullies and if you are weak it gets physical."

Free Software for Nursing Informatics Class: "Nurses who are into Informatics would connect technology in their profession, such as doing data management while they perform their more primary duties of caring for patients. Some nurses think that Informatics will increase their work loads in the hospital, well that is not true."